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Labelling the Estate Blend 2011!

The Estate Blend 2011 is a reflection of the knowledge, dedication, and intuition of our entire enterprise. In 2011, it is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc.

Labelling is really putting the last touches on the wine. At this point the bottles have been maturing in our cellar, so they need a little polishing (first image). Some of the bottles can be quite dusty!

After polishing we apply the capsule (second and third images). Then it’s time for labelling, and the finished product is ready for your dinner table. Noble Hill Estate Blend, for dear friends.

Winter at Noble Hill

Showing off our soil at the Juliet Cullinan wine festival

Changing seasons (at Noble Hill)

Yes, thank you.

The Noble Hill Chardonnay 2014 is cooking in barrel. These simple gadgets allow carbon dioxide to escape from the fermenting wine while preventing stuff from getting inside the barrel

Our crush setup for Sauvignon Blanc. Whole bunches cooled overnight to 5-8 degrees, sorted as bunches, crushed, left on skins for two hours, and pressed to tank to settle.

I almost forgot to post photos of the big beginning of year party. This year we recognized Sunette and Wayne’s fifth year with the company.

Harvesting Sauvignon Blanc at dawn this morning. This is our first big batch (about 6 tons: still quite tiny for a commercial winery!) and the fruit looks really nice. Can’t wait to get it to the press.

Grapes on their way to glory. This is the Chardonnay 2014 bound for our single vineyard Blanc de blancs

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